Mercedes-Benz SL SL 600 V12 (394 CP) Automatic techical specifications

Make Mercedes-Benz
Model SL
Generation SL (R129, facelift 1998)
Engine type SL 600 V12 (394 CP) Automatic
Power 394 CP @ 5200 rot/min
Engine volume5987 cm3
Fuel type Benzine
Body type Roadster
Maximum engine speed -
Torque 570 Nm @ 3800 rot/min
Turbine type -
Tank volume 80 l
Engine location Front, Longitudinal
Production start year Iunie, 1998
Production stop year Mai, 2001
Own weight 1975 kg
Maximum authorized weight 2320 kg
Minimum trunk volume 265 l
Maximum trunk volume -
Engine model M 120.981
Seats 2
Length 4499 mm
Width 1812 mm
Width (including mirrors) -
Height 1296 mm
Number of doors 2
Wheelbase 2515 mm
Front gauge 1532 mm
Rear gauge 1523 mm
Fuel consumption - urban -
Fuel consumption - extraurban -
Fuel consumption - mixed -
CO2 emissions -
Fuel System -
Tire size -
Wheel size -
Traction Tracţiunea spate
Number of gears (manual transmission) -
Number of gears (automatic transmission) -
Positioning the cylinders -
Number of cylinders -
Cylinder diameter 89 mm
Cylinder stroke 80.2 mm
Compression ratio 10
Number of valves per cylinder -
Full speed 250 km/h, Limitată electronic
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h -
100 km/h - 0 38.6 m
Oil bath capacity 10 l
Depth of passage through the ford -
Front suspension -
Rear suspension -
Front brakes -
Rear brakes -
Steering type -
Power Steering -
Minimum diameter of the turning circle 10.7 m
The ecological standard Euro 3
Distribution DOHC
Coefficient of friction -
Ground clearance -
front console -
rear console -
Aerodynamic coefficient (Cx) -

Tax calculation

CountyTax valueUntil March 31
Alba10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Arad10074.47 RON9570.75 RON
Arges10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Bacau10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Bihor8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Bistrita-Nasaud10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Botosani8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Braila8681.15 RON8247.09 RON
Brasov8681.15 RON8247.09 RON
Bucuresti8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Buzau10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Calarasi8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Caras-Severin10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Cluj8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Constanta10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Covasna10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Dambovita8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Dolj8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Galati9026.66 RON8123.99 RON
Giurgiu8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Gorj10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Harghita8681.15 RON8681.15 RON
Hunedoara8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Ialomita8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Iasi10074.47 RON9570.75 RON
Ilfov8681.15 RON8681.15 RON
Maramures8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Mehedinti8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Mures9028.4 RON8125.56 RON
Neamt10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Olt8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Prahova10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Salaj10074.47 RON9570.75 RON
Satu Mare8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Sibiu10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Suceava8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Teleorman8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Timis10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Tulcea10074.47 RON9067.02 RON
Valcea8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Vaslui8681.15 RON7813.04 RON
Vrancea10074.47 RON9067.02 RON

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